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“I first started playing Seeds Pick’em in 2004 and have been hooked ever since!”
Steve House, California

“This is the most interesting format of any pool I’ve ever played in”
Kevin Church, Colorado

“I love it!”
Dwayne Harrison, Georgia

“The best way to run a NCAA bracket pool that I have ever entered.”
Kevin Roller, Virginia

Seeds Pick’em Highlights:
  • The bigger the upset, the more points
  • You’re never out of the running in the early rounds!
  • Fresh picks with each round
  • Fully customizable scoring system
Seeds Pick‘em, the most flexible and fun NCAA basketball bracket pool around, is back for 2009 with even more standard games and more options! Seeds Pick'em is the ultimate bracket manager giving unprecedented flexibility to create the perfect March Madness experience. Try it today for free!

This year we have more standard games and more custom options to choose from:
  • Traditional Seeds Pick’em – Score based on seeds in the first 3 rounds and championship point value the last 3 rounds.
  • Seeds by Weekend – Seeds scoring picked two rounds at a time.
  • Standard bracket – Traditional game with all picks made before the tournament starts
  • Survivor – New picks each round but no team can be picked more than once, miss one and you’re out.
  • Super Survivor – Like Survivor, but with more picks each round
  • All or Nothing – Miss one pick and no points are scored for that entire round
  • Seeds All or Nothing – All or Nothing with points based on the team seeds.
For complete details for each game click here

Limitless Customizable Variations

Don't see exactly what you want? Want to make your own rules and run your own league? We give you the complete flexibility to choose:
  • When to pick each round
  • Scoring method for each round: Normal (1 pt/win), Team Seeds, or Championship Point Value
  • Whether to use a multiplier for any of the rounds
  • Min and Max picks for each round
  • Whether or not each round is “All or Nothing”, where a single missed pick means no points for that round
  • Whether it’s a “Survivor” game where no team can be picked more than once the entire tournament
  • When players must submit their tie breaker answer
  • What criteria to use for the tie breaker, which you input as free form text
Interested in helping support this effort? See our costs page for donation information.