How much does Seeds Pick’em Cost?

As this is our first year taking Seeds Pick’em online, we are not formally charging to use the site. Our primary goal this year is to make sure everything works well, and build a loyal group of players.

Having said all that, it isn’t cheap to set up and run the site. We have hosting fees, Internet access, domain names to buy, servers to buy and support, and countless hours of design, implementation, and testing the software. While advertising (hopefully) defrays a small percentage of these costs, we hope that if you enjoy playing, you’d make a donation to help ensure that Seeds Pick’em lives on into the future.


While any amount is gladly accepted, and you’re in no way obligated to pay at all, the recommended donation would be $2 for an individual just trying out, or a single payment of $1 per person in a league. Feel free to pay after you’ve played, and only if you enjoyed the game.

For those kind enough to make a donation, we currently accept PayPal, Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover.
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